Clematis can be either a creeping vine or a shrub. My favorite is the vine variant. It will happily crawl up a lamp-post, fence, or arbor, and sprinkle beautiful flowers all over it. I have one growing over the arbor I re-built and it's lovely and no one can ever ever remember the name of it. So I wrote this up.

The point of this page is spelling. The correct spelling of the flower is Clematis. There's plenty of ways of spelling it wrong, and the worst is Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a STD. Pleanty of Pages out there will tell you that 'Chlamydia is not a flower', but not enough tell you what IS a flower. Clematis IS a flower, and a beautiful one at that. I've prepared this table to help the public understand the differences.

Type Name Good? What to do? Ways not to spell it:
Flower Clematis Good Take Pictures. clamatis, clemadis, clamadis, etc...
STD Chlamydia Bad Go See Doctor. climidia, chlamidia, chylimidia, etc...

Below is a photo-plate of varieties of clematis, collected by Greer Gardens. I didn't feel it was right to go on about the spelling without making sure that you had the right flower, so take a look and make sure you have one of the flowers shown. Though there are other variants, yours should look close to one of these.

clematis variations